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Category: Programming

How to programmatically add and remove elements from Ehcache

Pre-requisites This guide assumes that you have already configured Ehcache, and is specifically concerned with programmatic addition and removal of elements. Adding an element to a cache @Autowired private CacheManager cacheManager; […] public Ehcache getCache(String name) { return cacheManager.getCache(name); } In the above example we…

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Checkout a Git branch

If you are using GitFlow you will typically need to create a branch from ‘Develop’ to do your development work. To create the branch follow these steps: Clone the respository git clone Create the branch in the remote repository. Identify the repo with git branch  (optional)…

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Download and install Sigar

Sigar is a Java library that allows you to monitor various aspects of your system. Including Network, Memory, and CPU. To use Sigar in you Java application follow these steps: 1. Copy the following Maven dependency into your project:  <dependency> <groupId>org.gridkit.lab</groupId> <artifactId>sigar-lib</artifactId> <version>1.6.4</version> </dependency> 2.…

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